Monday, October 27, 2014

Hidden Charges

October 27 2014,

Today I went to UPS to send my quilts out to "A Quilter's Gathering" for the quilt show.

I came home and looked through the receipt to record how much I spent on the shipping.

I noticed a charge of $1.00 for "standard pack serve".

I called the store up and the kid said that he vaguely remembered me. He said if we packed the item for you, if we taped the box for you, we charge you $1.00 for it.

I told him that he did not tape the box for it, and he did not pack the items for me. I reminded him that I brought my own packing tape, and I packed and taped the box myself.

He went on to apologize for charging the $1.00.

Imagine that - $1.00 multiply the amount of people who go to that store and get charge that amount and not even realize it.


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