Thursday, December 4, 2014

I Went to Heaven...

December 4 2014,

Last month we went to Niche Modern semi annual glass blown lighting sale in Beacon, NY (near Fish Kill). We took a one day trip, three hours south and three hours back.

When hubby first showed me the pendants that they made, my jaw fell. My jaw fell further when I saw the price list.

They are stunning, elegant, and beautiful.

I investigated and saw that they had a semi annual sale (this was in July). So I patiently waited from July till November. It was a very long wait.

We made it a trip to go to NY to save some dough. The sale happened on the second weekend of November and was a factory sale - which meant seconds and showroom clearance. They were either 50% off or 80%.

At the end of the trip, we came back with 5 glass blown pendants - even though we only needed two or three depending on the configuration.

The pieces are absolutely stunning. They are made in Beacon, NY - and the owner Jeremy Pyles was also there.

We're waiting for a canopy for the dining room so that we can hang these beautiful pendant. We have spares just in case we break one or two of them. We did not buy the canopy from Niche Modern, due to the cost, but found something comparable.

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