Tuesday, January 6, 2015

More Things To Dust

January 6 2014,

Happy New Year to all and all a wonderful, healthy, prosperous new year.

The day after New Year's I spent three hours so called "glass blowing". Below is the end result.

A scalloped vase.

A paperweight.

I found a Groupon on glass blowing and on a whim decided to take it. The class was fun. It was more like 10%  30% hands on and 60% watching the instructor do the pieces for us, 30% 10% socializing. It was fun while it lasted. Spent $100.00 on the class + $20.00 on materials and got me two glass things to dust. Pretty aren't they?

Next week I have another glass fusing class I'm taking through an adult ed course. Fun!

A start to the new year, and a hopefully soon to be new hobby. Before you know it, I'll have a kiln in the garage!

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