Saturday, December 13, 2014

Stick This Up Your Behind

December 13 2014,

Just came back from the grocery store after picking up some ham and bread.

As I walked down the bread aisle, I noticed a guy with a cart had a bottle of orange juice that was jutting partly out of the bottom part of the shopping cart. When I say the bottom part - it's the part where you put heavy or bulky stuff like water bottles or toilet paper.

I asked him if I could push the orange juice into his cart so that it was not sticking out.

He's response was, "If it's bothering you... sure."

I pushed the bottle of orange juice and walked on.

The reason for my interference was that I had imagined somebody walking and not noticing the orange juice and kicking it and hurting their shins and making a mess if the orange juice bottle were to spill all over.

I expected a "Thank you" or a "Good idea" from the guy, but instead it was a "Whatever" reaction.

What I really wanted to do was shove that bottle of orange juice up his you know what.

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