Thursday, May 14, 2015

Sitting Pretty :: At the Brimfield Antique Fair

May 14 2015,

Yesterday I went to the Brimfield Antique show. Oh what an experience that was. It was a shopper's delight. I ended up spending $21.00 total. I bought one bracelet at $3.00, one necklace for $3.00 and one Pakistani anklet for $15.00. These items were neither antique nor vintage - but for the price, I just couldn't resist. The Pakistani anklet has bells on them, and I bought them because I've always wanted one of these.

At the show, what ended up happening was I took tons of pictures and talked to the shop owners. They would give me history lessons of their things. Some vendors were chatty, others were not. In the end it was the experience I was looking for.

These yard art below unfortunately are not antique and are from Mexico. If you're unsure of the origin or it looks like it's mass produce - ask the vendors - they'll tell you exactly where they came from.

There was even a booth with sewing things, trims, and fabrics. She did a very nice job in displaying her products. Most vendors did take pride in how they displayed their store front, and the attention to detail was amazing.

This display below caught my eyes. This is by "Selina Vaughan Studios" in Los Angeles, CA. There are "original vintage seed sacks" that are turned into bags. They are absolutely beautiful. The workmanship is incredible and exceptional. So check them out on their etsy site for information, or follow them on facebook at

Some store vendors had a sense of humor. Here the baseball status is wearing a mink coat around himself.

A gentleman here was writing today's lunch menu behind his van. The cafe is call "One Love Cafe". 

It was all eye candy for me. There is another one in July - if the weather is not too hot, I may spend other day at the Brimfield Antique Fair. What I learned from this excursion was to ask store owners whether I can take pictures of their goods. Respect them when they say no. Only one store said no, because they did not want people to make reproductions of their goods. This I totally respect greatly. The vendor who denied me pictures stated that one of his friends allowed someone to take pictures of the furniture he was making, and the next year at the fair, the friend of his found that his look-a-like furniture was being sold.

The other thing I learned was that I really like mesh jewelry. I did not find anything this trip - but my adventure continues.

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