Tuesday, June 16, 2015

My Summer Vacation 2015 :: Part Uno

June 16 2015,

** Note: This is the first of a three part blog **
My Summer Vacation 2015 :: Part Uno
My Summer Vacation 2015 :: Vermont :: Part Deux
My Summer Vacation 2015 :: Part Finale

As I was stuck in the hospital in the winter of 2013, looking over the Boston skyline, I vowed to seize the day. I dreamed of going somewhere warm and not have to worry about a thing.

After this past treacherous winter, I vowed that I was going to make this summer matter.

So this summer, my mission is to do something fun, different, or interesting every week. Just one thing.

Since the start of summer, after coming back from Nashville, I've been weeding every morning at a house that's 7 minutes away for about 1.5 - 2 hours a day. Starting at approximately 5:30 am (weather permitting) I weed. This way, if I don't do anything productive for the rest of the day - at least I did something. Yes, this is the same weeding gig as last year's. Hey, it probably pays more than my asking price for the quilts.

So far I've been to two antique car shows.

Below is a truck that I really want.  I joke with hubby that the only reason I would drive a truck is to go to the dump. But I would still be going to the dump in style right?

I also went to the Elmbank Antique Show which was depressing and expensive. $10.00 per person for entrance and there was nothing in there to be excited about. I guess when you've been to the Brimfield Antique Show, nothing can compare to it. Brimfield, I'm planning on going to the one in July.

I also went to the Cambridge art festival. It was an interesting show. Full of colors and stuff to buy. The only thing I bought was two red bean buns (bread).

Below is a chainmail necklace that was in the show. It is made of silver. It is absolutely stunning. I have to look for the business card of the lady who made it. Here's the lady who made the necklace below. Inksplot Studios by Elizabeth Arnold. I may treat myself to this beautiful piece of jewelry.

I also went to a Boston College graduation. I bring this up because the whole row of people in front of us was continuously on the phone. Ahhh, that's the way to seize the moment.

It's been a nice summer so far. Next week I'm going to the Museum of Printing in North Andover, MA for their "Printing Arts Fair". At the end of the month, I am going to the Vermont Quilt Festival. I realized that I have no idea what I signed up for. I have the receipt, and I paid $118.00 total, but have no clue what classes or lectures I signed up for.

Then on July 11th, I'm taking a beginner's letterpress workshop at the Museum of Printing. Let's see where that'll take me. Hubby and I are planning to go to western Massachusetts for a weekend to go see the Mass MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art), the Norman Rockwell museum and some other smaller ones in the area.

Oh this summer, is going to be exciting. So many things to see and so many things to do. My quilting project is still going, but it's not in the fore front. Here's a peek at my next project.

So here's to summer! That's "Harold" the bird in the background on the right with "Lucy" the buddha. Harold is a yard sale find. Isn't he just adorable? In the fore ground is my favorite drink, peach mango cosmopolitan.

1 1/2 absolute vanilla
1 1/2 capitain morgan mango rum
1 creme de peach
1 1/2 cranberry juice

Cheers! What's your plan for this summer?

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Sandi Colwell said...

That drink looks delicious!!!!!!!!!!! I will have to try that recipe out this summer. Your summer sounds pretty well planned out. I can't wait to hear about your adventures in Western, MA. I'd love to go to the Brimfield show someday. I like looking at antiques. I rarely buy but I do like to look around.

My summer is going to be short, I think. My girls are out of school next week. I'll have all of July but only part of August to work on quilts as we are heading to Kauai! I can't wait. Maybe I'll pull out my Hawaiian Applique on the plane.

Have a great week!