Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Field Trip :: Mass MOCA + Fuller Craft Museum

December 16 2015,

On a whim, my friend and her husband and I went to Mass Moca (Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art) at North Adams, MA.

First and foremost, you need a map. The museum is not as big as the MFA, but it consists of multiple buildings, and multiple levels. We kept on getting lost and unexpectedly finding new galleys and hallways as we explored the grounds. The museum spans across multiple warehouses.

At the entrance, we were greeted by a BMW. This BMW is a collection point for Lego's for Ai Weiwei's art project. Here are a few articles that may be of interest.
- From the Boston Magazine ::  Mass MOCA Is Collecting Legos for Chinese Artist and Activist Ai Weiwei
- From Mass Moca's website :: Ai Weiwei: Lego Collection Point
- From The Washington Post :: Lego collectoin sites pop up around the world to support Ai WeiWei

Interestingly, the sticker on the front left hand corner of the BMW is from our town, which is affluent. This sticker is needed in order to go to the dump or recycling center. Yes, we do have to take our trash to the dump, we do not have roadside pick up like our neighboring towns do. On a side note, we don't live in the mc-mansion area, but rather in the area where the houses are smaller.

So far there's only bits of legos that have been collected. Keep in mind, this was only launched sometime last month. There was a bunch of duplo legos, I wonder if that's what the artist have in mind.

01.13.2016 - Update. Here's an interesting article about Lego versus Ai Wei Wei
- From BBC News :: Lego changes bulk buy policy after Ai Weiwei backlash 

On exhibit was "Sol LeWitt: A Wall Drawing Retrospective". These walls are huge. I mean huge. They are so cool and unexpected.

I was attracted to the composition below. I love it because I see a quilt in it. Um...

Below is the exhibit call "Walk in My Shoes". From far it looks like a 3-D painting. But when you walk closer, the paintings consist of socks. It's scary looking, but cute in a sick way.

I also went to the Fuller Craft Museum in Brockton, MA.

This museum is tiny and cute. I saw a bunch weird craft, and below were a few.

The main reason why I went to the museum  was to see "Art as Quilt:: Transitions in Contemporary Textile Media".

"Cutchogue Sunrise" by Christina Blais

"Nocturnal City Lights #3" by Valerie Maser-Flanagan

"Below the Surface" by Pamela Druhen

Detail of "Below the Surface" by Pamela Druhen

"Crevices #9" by Valerie Maser-Flanagan

"Spool Party" by Susan Polansky

Detail of "Spool Party" by Susan Polansky

"The Myth of Meditation" by Sharon McCartney

Detail of "The Myth of Meditation" by Sharon McCartney

"Tutti Frutti Neighborhood" by Susan Bleiweiss

"What Are You Trying to Say" by Sandy Gregg
While I was there, they were installing the exhibit "Toothpick World: From Silver to Skyline". This is amazing. These things are made of toothpicks. I think that's Fenway park.

Hopefully this post has inspired you to make art. Now go make art!

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