Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Housewarming Ideas (After Move-In Present)

December 8, 2015

One of our friends just got a house.

We decided to give them useful gifts.

So I first bought a 5 gallon bucket - these buckets are so useful. You can use it to mix concrete, to catch water leaks, to carry tools, to sit on and many more things.

Let me take you on a tour of what we stuffed in it.

We put in disposable chopsticks, skewer stick, and toothpicks. Why are they useful. They are useful for their original purpose and also for cleaning. For the chopsticks, I use these to wipe off the cobwebs that have accumulated around the front door. I've also used them to stir sample paints. The skewer sticks are useful to get things out of nooks and cranny of things. The same with toothpicks. You can also use toothpick to repair large wooden holes. You would put the toothpicks as support when you are filling the gap or hole with wood putty.

Chocolate bar. I got these from T.J.'s I saw them and couldn't resist. Who doesn't like chocolates right?

Flashlights. I got these from a yard sale for $1.00 each. I decided to throw them in because I have 3 of each.

We also got a fire extinguisher. Nobody ever thinks of buying a fire extinguisher, so why not do it for them.

Last but not least, paper towel. I was going to put in toilet paper, but it wouldn't fit. The reason why I was going to put in toilet paper is because the day we are going to see them, they would have just literally moved in. They are having a move in after party, thus this is really a move in after present. So they would probably need toilet paper because they have not unpacked anything yet. I'll probably stick a few in the car just in case they can't find theirs. We don't want me bunch of party poopers right? (Lame I know)

I also placed a measuring tape in there which I forgot to take a picture of.

Other ideas could be a screw driver set, damaged screw remover set (we don't even have one of these), telescoping inspection mirror (great for plumbing), magnifier (to read those model numbers of things that you can't see), picture hanger, disposable latex gloves, dental tartar scraper and removal set. The last thing is not specifically for dental use, but it would be used as a tool. It is a tool to take out washers from plumbing hoses. Last but not least, if you really don't have time to hunt around for all the stuff, locate their nearest hardware store and get them a gift card to that store. Note "NEAREST" - even though the things at their nearest hardware store may be more expensive, they will still shop there because if you just need a one small screw, you really don't want to drive 20 minutes to the nearest box store to buy one freakin' screw.

Oh yeah, one more thing - a turkey baster. This thing has saved us so many times. When we had to empty the water from the toilet, when our neighbor's dish washer wasn't draining, when the refrigerator's water catch all was over flowing because we were defrosting the refrigerator, the turkey baster came to the rescue. You laugh, (I know you're laughing) but it is one of the tool that has saved our ass. Note, please separate the turkey baster that is used for food and that for toilet. Maybe mark it with a sharpie that says (DO NOT USE, BEEN IN THE TOILET BOWL).

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