Friday, January 15, 2016

Even More Dirty Little Secrets


So yes, we did not win the Power Ball, and what that means for us is we can continue hoping and dreaming. $14.00, spent and no return.

In other news, since last Sunday, I have been crazily working on a quilt for a friend who is going through chemo. Her favorite color is pink.

So here's a sneak peak of the work area. I decided to post this because a friend of mine came over to our house and was very surprise how crude the sewing area was. I could feel her pity. My excuse was that I was suppose to move into a bedroom, but that had gotten postpone because of water damage from new year's eve. It was really just an excuse, but it is the truth. She felt sorry for me that she offered her unused sewing table. Hopefully by this summer, the sewing room will be ready for me to occupy (home improvement projects for us tend to take a while - hey, we're doing most of the work ourselves).

So for the last five years, I've been moving around the house sewing.

Here's a compilation of my past sewing area setup.
May 2012 :: Dirty Little Secret
July 2012 :: More Dirty Little Secret 
March 2013 :: Falling in Love + A Bitching Session
  the one above was when I was sewing on the breakfast counter.

So that was then, and this is now.

So this area is similar to the area set up from the post "Dirty Little Secret". Notice the Chinese New Year decorations on the mantle, Chinese New Year is coming on in February 8th.

Below is my cutting area, and yes, it's on the floor. I can't cut properly on a table. And us Asians are use to working on the floor, so it's more comfortable for me to cut on the floor.

This is the sewing area. And yes, that's the new machine (about 2.5 years old now). Because the bench was designed not for a table, but for a bench, the height is not right. So hubby put a box underneath the mofo sewing machine, and it raised it up just enough that I don't have to hunch down. The sewing machine is a Janome 8900 (SE - special edition). The only difference is the red face cover. :)

Notice to the right of the sewing machine is a thread spool? Because of the height of the sewing machine, I had to put a plastic take out container to raise the thread spool up to the right height. Simple, but effective.

This corner is my ironing area. If I'm ironing smaller pieces, I'll do it on the floor. See my $5.00 Rowenta iron there? It's still working, but I think it's about to give up on me. The ironing board is for staging the quilt I'm assembling, and ironing larger pieces. This board would usually live in the dining room under the breakfast counter with the quilt on it when I don't need it.

Another view of the cutting area.

Well, that's done for now, off to cleaning the area and to clean for the new year. My next post will probably be the final result of the quilt.

Now go make a mess.

Quilt & Bitch

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