Monday, April 25, 2016

Quilt Show :: Quilts Japan :: New England Quilt Museum

April 25, 2016

I recently went to visit the New England Quilt Museum in Lowell, MA. The current exhibit is "Quilts Japan: The 12th Quilt Nihon Exhibition, Pamela Weeks, Curator".

These quilts are jaw dropping. The intricacy of the quilts are stunning.

"Swan Song" Hiroko Nakayama, Gold Award
"Swan song refers to the last cry before the swan dies. When I started, this quilt was determined to be my last. I spent more than three years on the quilt and I am extremely relieved that it is now finished".
Cotton, machine pieced + quilted; hand embroidered

"Towards Space" Miwako Mogami
Cotton, silk, ribbons. Machine pieced, quilted, appliqued; hand appliqued

"Roses in the Garden" Toshii Naoi
Cotton. Machine pieced; hand appliqued + quilted

"My Baltimore Album IV" Miki Yakita
"For this quilt, I wanted the traditional quilt to have a sweet and charming look. Therefore, I used antique fabrics and a red background fabric to give it a unique effect. By using antique 30's vintage fabric, I arranged the colors to create a charming and traditional style. TO produce a soft and delicate effect, I embellished it with fine and detailed applique and embroidery. The applique pieces were so small that I could not use templates and therefore, I used the needleturn applique method and made tiny blind stitches."

"Red and Black" Yuko Eguchi
Cotton + silk. Machine pieced; hand pieced, appliqued + quilted.

"Twinkle Star" Keiko Tajitsu
Cotton. Machine pieced + quilted

"Recollection" Kimiyo Inoue
Cotton. Machine pieced + quilted.

"Japanese Rhythm - Flowering Ceiling" Sakiyo Yoshida
Cotton, silk, ribbons. Machine pieced + quilted; hand appliqued + embroidered.

"Beginning of a Day" Tomoko Sho
Cotton. Hand pieced, quilted + embroidered.

"Flowers in the Crystal" Kiyoko Ishihara
Cotton. Hand pieced, appliqued + quilted.

"Blue Sky" Ikuyo Kitada
Cotton. Hand pieced, appliqued + quilted.

"Rising Sun" Kumiko Funaki
Cotton + beads. Hand pieced, appliqued, embroidered + beaded.

"Flowers in the Night Sky" Yukiko Nakao
Cotton. Hand pieced, appliqued + quilted.

"Doors to the Future... #2" Masado Tsuda
Cotton. Machine pieced, quilted + embroidered.

"Constellation -- beyond time and space --" Yoko Kageyama
Cotton + silk. Hand pieced, appliqued, quilted.

"A Bouquet For You" Rumiko Ooiwa
Cotton. Machine pieced + quilted; hand appliqued + embroidered.

"Burning Sky" Yoshiko Koshi
Cotton + silk. Machine pieced + quilted.

"matrix" Kinue Ishigame
Cotton. Hand + machine pieced + quilted; hand appliqued.

"Happiness in Full Bloom 'Pear Flower' " Yoko Masuda
Cotton. Machine pieced; hand pieced, appliqued, embroidered + quilted.

"Looking forward to Spring" Masae Komori
Cotton. Hand appliqued, reverse appliqued, embroidered + quilted.

"Space Fantasy" Yumiko Matsubara"
Cotton. Machine pieced + quilted.

"SYO #66" Harue Konishi
Cotton + silk. Machine appliqued + quilted.
Aren't these just stunning?

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Norma Schlager said...

Wow, wow, wow! These quilts are beyond amazing. Whenever I go to Houston the Japanese quilts are always stunning with impeccable workmanship. as are these. Thanks for sharing.