Monday, November 14, 2016

Show + Tell :: Blue Moon

November 14 2016,

What a productive weekend I had. I finished this medium size wall hanging. This quilt was inspired by Timna Tarr's quilt called "Yolk Music" and "O Happy Day", but I used my own spin. This is the same fabric that I used for "Dotted Lines I" and "Going On A Trip II". I have a few more yardage left of this material, expect to see this fabric pop up in other of my works.

Hubby + I decided to make the binding the same as the background (acid green fabric) instead of the blue. I think if the binding was blue, it would have been too much blue. I also ran out of the blue, and didn't feel like buying more fabric.

Some people have asked me how I choose the size of my quilts. For this one, I made it to fit one of the wall in the house. So no, there is no special magic number or anything like that.

Title: Blue Moon
Dimension: 41 1/2" x 75"
Materials: Cotton Batik
Method: Machine Pieced + Hand Appliqued + Machine Quilted + Hand Quilted
Date completed: 11.2016
Quilt & Bitch

ps. Thank you Laura for coming up with the title.

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