Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Winter Storm Stella :: Snow Day Sew Day

March 14 2017,

Happy belated new year. I'm ashamed that this is my first post of the year.
Really, I've been doing stuff - but my laziness got the better of me.
I do have a long list of excuses I could share, but then, those are just excuses.

Winter storm Stella is on her way. It's 9:00 am, and thus far, there's really not much on the ground. Yet again, it's just the first few minutes of a 9 - 12 hour ordeal.

Bread - check.
Cold cuts - check.
Chocolates - check, check, and check.
Junk food - check.
We only need the essentials - and I think if we were stuck for the couple of days, chocolates would surely be enough for hubby and I, me to live on.

I have just finished 8 or so small wall hanging. Below is my final one, which I am hand appliquƩing. I then need to create sleeves for all the quilts. Just in case the electricity goes out, which it never does, I have hand work stuff to do that will keep me busy for days to come.

What 'cha doing today?

Quilt & Bitch

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