Sunday, April 26, 2009

First Torney

April 26, 2009

Had my first pool tournament today. It was a tournament geared towards beginner and intermediate players. The handicap ranged from the highest, 6, a C player, and the lowest, 2, a D player. My handicap is a 2.

My first match was a race to a player with a handicap of 4. I lost the match, 4-0. Because it was a double elimination tournament, I got to play another match.

The second match was with a player who had a handicap of 5. I won the match. I think it was 2 -3. I won the first game because the guy scratched his cue ball after getting in the 8 ball. One down, one to go.

The second game that I won was pretty close. We both had the 8 ball left on the table. I had a perfect shot on the 8, almost a straight in shot, and I missed. The guy then called the 8 ball, but the 8 ball went into another pocket, so I automatically won that game. Woo hoo. I really did not deserve to win the match.

The third match was against a big guy. Triple my size. The player was a 4 handicap. He really was a 5 or a 6. He won with a score of 4-0. Yes, yes, that 0 is my score.

Overall, it was fun. Surprisingly I was not nervous at all. I was there just to have fun. The winner of this 8 ball tournament will be receiving a whopping $40. Woo hoo.

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