Sunday, December 8, 2013

Not so Fast (Part 3)

December 8 2013,

** Note: This is the third part of a four part blog **
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The doctors have finally figured out what is growing in my neck.

They found three different types of bacteria. These bacteria are only to live in the mouth and not any where else. Don't bother asking me what they are, if you are not in the medical field, it won't quite make sense. We've tried researching it, but only came up with basic information.

Currently I am not on continuous 24 hours I.V., but rather am on 2 different antibiotics., and they only take 1/2 hour each. One is every 8 hours, and the other is every 6 hours. My I.V. pole no longer look like a Christmas tree.

My face is no longer swollen, but it is still tender and puffy in the jaw and neck area. I can smile easily and I can eat more easily.

For the first time on Friday, I had hubby bring outside food (with the permission from the doctor's of course). The next day it was Beef Chow Fun from Chinatown. Hospital food only goes so far, if you know what I mean.

Since they've weaned me off on one of the big antibiotics, my white blood cell count has increased. They are worried about the sudden increase in the count. The doctor said that there might still be pockets of stuff, so they want to be careful. In Dr. speak, this means a CT scan tomorrow.

Discharge from the hospital was set for Monday afternoon, unfortunately it has been pushed forward to Tuesday or Wednesday. Damn. I want to sleep in my bed, I want people to stop poking me, I want my life back. On the other hand, it is of course better safe than sorry. If there is still something there, it is better that I'm in the hospital instead of at home.

In the mean time, I am watching "The Good Wife" starting from Season 1. That will keep me busy for at least 50 hours or so. Thank God for Comcast (I can't believe I am saying that), I can watch T.V. shows (similar to Hulu) on demand.

Stay tuned,
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