Thursday, January 29, 2015

Unneighborly Neighbor

January 29 2015,

The blizzard of 2015 dumped us 2 feet of snow.

In our cul-de-sac there are 6 houses.

We are friendly with three of the five houses, which leaves us not being friendly or social with two of the remaining houses. Out of the six of us, there are four snow blowers.

The unspoken rule is while the snow blowers are going, the participants who were not snow blowing would go around and shovel each other's walk way that the snow blowers can not get to. 

One neighbor (Mr. + Mrs. Piece-Of-S***) with whom we do not really talk to does not have a snow blower. What they do is piggy backs on the neighbors to snow blow their driveway. In the past years, they would come out when the snow blowers were in full force and they would pitifully start shoveling their driveway by hand.  As a result, either our neighbor from across (let's call her Ms. Run-Me-Over) from the street or hubby would feel pity for them and go and snow blow their driveway. Note that they only helped shoveled the walk ways / stairs once since we've been here.

So on Tuesday I had told Ms. Run-Me-Over not to snow blow Mr. + Mrs. Piece-Of-S***'s driveway. Ms. Run-Me-Over ignored me and snow blowed the driveway.

Guess what. Mr. + Mrs. Piece of S*** did not even come out to help or anything! They stayed inside the whole time. The next day, Ms. Run-Me-Over cleared their driveway again because there were a few more inches of accumulation - and again no thanks, no nothing.

Interestingly later in the day the two neighbors saw each other, and the Mrs. Piece-Of-S*** didn't even make the effort to say thank you. WTF?

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