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My Summer Vacation 2015 :: Vermont :: Part Deux

June 28 2015,

** Note: This is the second of a three part blog **
My Summer Vacation 2015 :: Part Uno
My Summer Vacation 2015 :: Vermont :: Part Deux
My Summer Vacation 2015 :: Part Finale

Came back from a three day trip to Vermont.

The first stop was the Ben & Jerry's factory tour. For me, the tour was a take it or leave it adventure. Fore little kids, it would have been fun. Check out the hexie's of the floor.

My next stop was the Shelburne Museum. It was a worth while stop. I got in for free because I had bought the North American Reciprocal Museum Association (NARM) from the Museum of Printing in Andover, MA. For $120, I am able to go to many museums for free around the country for one year.

Below was the general store of the time. Notice the "Machine" "Needles" box in the first picture below.

 Below is the print shop. Note the "Q is for Quilt" print on the wall.

A covered bridge.
In addition, there was a Judy B Dales exhibition in the "Hat and Fragrance" building. Her quilts are breathtaking.

Below is a  cathedral quilt at the museum.

 And now, the whole reason for the visit to Vermont - the 39th Annual Vermont Quilt Festival at Essex Junction, Vermont. Below are just a few from the show that made my heart stop.

"Coastal Light" by Beth FrisbieWallace - Francestown, NH
"Fascinated by lighthouses and colorful skies, I wanted to recreate a lighthouse on a rocky coast, bathed in light of the fiery sky. The original design on the front is complemented by an original "warped" version of the traditional pieced designed called Storm at Sea on the back of the quilt." Quilted on a home machine.

"OLE #9" by Donna Severance - Pembroke, NH
"This quilt is from a photo a friend took. I wanted to see if I could duplicate, with fabric, what he did with his camera."
Quilted on a home machine.

"My Beloved Annie" by Hong Sook Ro - Williston, VT
I spent ten years finding fabric to create this piece. I studied pictures of many types of peacocks to come up with this original creation. I was inspired by seeing a stuffed peacock while visiting a shop in Ashville, NC."
Quilted on a home machine.

"I Owe My Quilts to Udders" by Mary Alice Rath - Middlebury, VT
"A box of unused prized ribbons from dairy shows in the 1950s inspired this quilt created in the style of ribbon crazy quilts."

Close up of "I Owe My Quilts to Udders" by Mary Alice Rath

"6522" by George Siciliano - Lebanon, PA
"This quilt has 6522 pieces of dupioni silk. Just by some wild twist of fate, the title is '6522.' Go figure! It's not fused, embroidered or painted. Just good old fashioned piecing."
Quilted on a home machine.

"Really? What was I Thinking?" by Karen Viega - East Bridgewater, MA
"My quilt guild challenge for spring was Fall In Love With Color. We each chose a photo whose colors we wanted to work with, and then interpreted those colors into a design. I came up with this foundation pieced later, I thought to myself, 'Really? What was I thinking?'
Quilted on a home machine.

Close upof "Really? What was I Thinking?" by Karen Viega

"Celestial Sedona" by Norma Ippolito - Chester, VT
"This quilt features a variety of construction techniques. Building from the center out, it became a three-year journey resulting in the most challenging quilt I have made, and also the most rewarding. Pattern Sedona Star by Sarah Vedeler Designs.
Quilted on a home machine.
This took home many ribbons.

"Hexagonquilt 'La Passion' " by Grit Kovacs - Ebstorf, Germany
"My hexagon quilt is an original design, sewn by hand, and took two and a half years to complete. The inspiration developed on a holiday in France. I used 7,240 pieces."
Longarm quilted by Brigit Schuller.
This took also took home many ribhbons.

Close up of "Hexagonquilt 'La Passion' " by Grit Kovacs

"In the Midst of Winter" by Timna Tarr - South Hadley, MA
"My quilt seem to relate to the season in which I made them. This quilt represents the darkness of winter, and the hope that spring will once again appear. Original design."
Longarm machine quilted.
This quilt absolutely fabulous! Everything about it gives me goosebumps.

Close up of "In the Midst of Winter" by Timna Tarr
Pamela Druhen and Eliza Greenhoe-Bergh curated the "New England Stitches". Below are a few of my favorites.

"Witness" by Mary Gillis - Boston, MA
"Mirror image of a birch tree became a ribcage. To me it portrays a crowd of people. Original design. 2011"

"Who's Looking at Whom?" by Diane Harris - Monroe, NH
"Original designed inspired by a Robert Andersen photo (used by permission). 2014"

"Pastoral Disturbance" by Susan Polansky - South Lexington, MA
"A contemplation promoted by the Pennsylvania Amish schoolhouse shooting of October 2006. How do the effects of violence, religion and culture guide our acceptance of unforeseen events? 2008."

"Elvis in Baltimore" by Beth Reisman - Newton Center, MA
"This quilt represents my appreciation for Baltimore Album Quilts and Elvis Presley. It took 5 years to complete. 1998.
That's all folks. Take the time to seize the summer!

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