Friday, September 11, 2015

My Summer Vacation 2015 :: Part Finale

September 11 2015,

** Note: This is the third of a three part blog **
My Summer Vacation 2015 :: Part Uno
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My Summer Vacation 2015 :: Part Finale

It's been more than a month since I wrote about my summer vacation. Here's a recap.

In the end of July, I went to the 2015 Revere Beach National Sand Sculpting Festival. The sand sculpting was amazing and jaw dropping. It is an amazing form of art.

I also went to the Mancuso World Quilt Show that took place in Manchester, NH. I also took a Mola class with Anna Hergert. She taught the technique in class - but I don't know what direction I'll take this art to.

Below are a bunch of quilts that were IMHO amazing.

"The COlor of Enlightenment - Saffron" by Rick Smith Selva

"Tanzanian Cardamom" by Peg Green

"Turmeric Caravan" by Ann Reardon

"The Spice Bazaar-Cumin" by Karin Tauber

"White Flowers in a Field of Gray" Members of the Applique Bee. Quilted by Dotty Levine

"Twizzle" by Dotty Levine

"Still Waters" by Jenny Hearn of South Africa

"The Never-Ending Fame of Gustav Klimt :: The 'Kiss' Revisited" by Lesley Jurgens of South Africa

Detail of "The Never-Ending Fame of Gustav Klimt :: The 'Kiss' Revisited"

Detail of "The Never-Ending Fame of Gustav Klimt :: The 'Kiss' Revisited"

"Off the Floor #1" by Gael O'Donnell of New Zealand

"Faceless Comrades" by Alison Laurence of New Zealand

Detail of "Faceless Comrades

"The Globe - Hayabusa Shot" by Kimiko Ikai of Japan

Detail of "The Globe - Hayabusa Shot"

"The Lily Pond" by Bernardine Hine of Australia

Detail of "The Lily Pond"
In addition to doing fun stuff - hubby and I worked on the long neglected bathroom. This is the guest bathroom which was renovated 5 years ago when we first moved in. The contractors that we hired cut too many corners and ran off with our money. So instead of trying to fix what they did - we gutted everything.

The pipe below is for our sink. We hired a plumber telling him our woes. And guess what? He F'd it up also. The sink that we have is the Kohler Escale sink with a pedestal. Because it is a pedestal, the rough-in has to be precise. Note that, this is the second time we're re-doing this. Guess what? the plumber did not center the sink and it looks horrible.

We decided to "throw" away the sink - and buy a new vanity that will hide the plumbing that was done incorrectly. So that sink and pedestal will be listed on Craig List really soon - because it's just cursed.

And while the plumber was taking off the shower fixture, he dropped a crucial pin into no where land (the sub floor was not installed - so it went through a crack and went somewhere. I've called Grohe who will ship another one, but it is back ordered till God knows when.  Ugh.

The bathroom should be done in a few weeks, so stay tuned, it's going to be beautiful.

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