Wednesday, March 23, 2016

'Nuf Said

March 23 2016,

Hubby has been busy spending time with Alex (our next door neighbor's son) getting ready for the Pinewood Derby race.

One afternoon, he was at Alex's house. Alex's mom came up to hubby and asked why Alex was always wanting to attach a "cockpit" like thing onto his car (this is his third car with it).

Hubby said sheepishly, "Boys like bumps."

She smirked quietly.

The above picture is his first car from last year. Don't worry, his second and third derby car is almost the same as the one above. He has another race in April - and hubby and Alex are building another one. Let's see how this next one turns out.

Bump or no bump?

*** Update 04.11.2016 - Alex went with no bumps for this one  His car is the closest to ours, the one with red and side black paint ***

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