Friday, April 14, 2017

Show + Tell :: Directionally Challenged

April 14 2017,

Are you a person who has a hard time distinguishing your rights from your lefts? Hey you are not alone. There are a lot of us who don't know our rights and our lefts and we often devise a way or shortcuts or tricks to help us figure our rights from our lefts. I am often embarrass, but I've realized I'm not the only one.

So here is a quilt that celebrates our imperfection of not knowing our rights from our lefts.

That's a fun story right?

It really all started out when I was driving on I-95 from Rhode Island back to Boston and I saw these big right arrow signs to indicate that the road was turning right. Light bulb goes off - a quilt! Thus, the creation of "Directionally Challenged".

I wanted badly to quilt the lines using a ruler foot - but I did not have the tools. There is a newish technique where you use a different foot, and a special ruler and you can do ruler work on your domestic sewing machine. Read more about it at Amy Johnson's site.

The problem is that I went as far as getting the part for my machine - but I didn't get the ruler. The ruler is relatively expensive, so I was waiting to see if I could get it on sale. I'm a cheap-o, but the quilting could have gone much faster. Instead I turned the quilt in every which direction I needed to quilt. All in all, I have gained some upper arm muscles from all the work out. Luckily I used the Thermore Polyester batting, so it was as light as a feather.

Three quilts in a month! I myself am impress.

Title: Directionally Challenged
Dimension: Approximately 52.5" x 52.5"
Materials: Kona Solid Cotton
Method: Machine pieced + machine quilted
Date completed: 04.2017

Quilt & Bitch

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