Wednesday, April 12, 2017

'Nuf Said :: United Airlines

April 12 2017,

Ok. This is a great case study for business school - yes, in business school we love case studies of companies who f*cked up.

Questions - 
So what went wrong?
How should it have been handled differently?
Who is too blame for this?
What was the financial implication to United?
How would you have handled it?
What would be a proper compensation for the passenger who got injured, and the other passengers who was on board the plane?
What steps can United take to recover in this public uproar?
Comment on this quote - "Put One's Money Where One's Mouth Is."

Will you fly United ever again? Lucky me - we don't fly that much.
"Never say never." Justin Bieber featuring Jaden Smith

They done screw up.

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