Sunday, May 14, 2017

'Nuf Said :: uck!

May 14 2017,

* Content Warning - The section below may contain language and pictures that maybe offensive to some readers. You have been warned *

A few weeks ago I found these rubber stamps with letters on them in clearance. I then had a light bulb moment. I can make something similar to the "Expletive Series" with rubber stamps.

I spent a good 20 minutes looking through each of the letters. Funny - they didn't seem to have the letter "F". I then scour on the internet seeing if the manufacture made the letter "F" in the same font as the others. I had no such luck - the "F" they had was a cursive "F" which would look obviously incorrect or different.

I decided to write to the manufacturer to ask why they did not produce the full line of alphabets. Surprise, surprise, surprise - they have not responded to me yet.

They must think I'm a nut case, and obviously I am.

Now, go uck! yourself.


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